The Company

Innutra (Innovative Nutrition) was established to provide affordable nutritional products to combat the health challenges that many people face due to nutritionally deprived foods.  Innutra’s products have been shown to help people lose weight, support digestive health, brain function, cardiovascular support, immune support, and regularity.  The vision of Innutra is to change the world with its innovative nutritional products and lifestyle systems one life at a time.  Not only does Innutra want to change lives through better health, we also reward our Innfluencers who refer our products to others that need them the most with a revenue share program that pays up to 48% of sales!  We also reward our top earning Innfluencers with reward trips, bonuses, and achievement rewards including FitBits, Louis Vuitton bags, and even a trip to Bora Bora!  Some of our Innfluencers have even made Innutra’s revenue sharing opportunity their full time occupation.  To learn more about the compensation and reward opportunity, download our Opportunity Plan here (drop in link).

Innutra’s products are made with natural ingredients, are gluten free, soy free and non-GMO.  Innutra products are manufactured in FDA registered facilities that are certified for cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), and all products are laboratory-tested for potency and purity so you can be confident that Innutra products are free of contaminants.


Jim Ayres, Founder CEO

With more than 20 years of experience as a product formulator of dietary supplements, Jim has been blessed to be a part of thousands of transformations.  As the former Senior Vice President of Nova Pharmaceuticals, Jim developed his first weight loss product called NxTrim, which became a #1 seller and featured on CBS News as the safe alternative to the recalled drug combination “Phen-Fen.”  Jim was also the Vice President of Gold’s Gym Nutrition and developed a line of products for the chain of gyms known as “the Meca of body building.”  He was first introduced to network marketing in 2008 and was the product developer for CNI, the predecessor company of Xyngular, where Jim developed the product line known as CORE4.  Most notably, Jim formulated a product that has been the #1 selling dietary supplement for weight loss in retail.  The product is sold in chains such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc and to date has sold over 30 million bottles.  Jim’s passion to help people motivated him to develop a product line like none other created.  Innutra is the pinnacle of Jim’s career experience.  He has taken the best of his 20 years of experience to provide nutritional solutions, lifestyle plans and coaching to transform lives all over the world.

Jen Ayres, Founder & Chief Fitness Officer

Jen has been involved in fitness since 1990.  Jen is certified for several fitness qualifications including Fitness Training, Yoga, Youth Sports Training, Weight Loss and Management, SPIN, and Nutrition.  Jen’s passion for health and wellness is demonstrated in every aspect of her life.  She is the owner of The Studio by Innutra, which is a fitness studio that offers a variety of group fitness classes including yoga, spin, HIIT, Lift, Barre and more.  She is a personal trainer with a full roster of clientele with multiple fitness goals.  Jen doesn’t just push her client’s in the gym, she trains herself and practices what she preaches.  Jen is the author of Innutra’s fitness programs and meal plans.  She believes in healthy lifestyles based on a balance of healthy eating, regular exercise, Innutra’s nutritional products, and spiritual wellness.  Jen is a busy mother of two children, Jake and Juliana and balances her work life with home life.  She is motivated to change lives all over the world through Innutra’s products and lifestyle plans.  Look for Jen’s weekly recipes on this site!