The Reinvention of Innutra

Innutra (short for Innovative Nutrition) was founded in 2013 by industry innovators lead by founder and CEO Jim Ayres. Originally the company was launched as a Muliti-Level-Marketing company (MLM); however, this business model made the price of Innutra’s products too high for most to afford. In 2015 the company was reinvented as a direct to consumer brand. This allowed the company to continue to offer its cutting edge nutritional formulas at every day low prices of up to 40% less than they were originally priced. With this new “click and ship” business model, the shopping experience is easy on In order to spread the word to the millions of individuals in need of Innovative Nutrition, Innutra has developed an affiliate referral network. Click here to learn more about Innutra’s affiliate referral network.


With a focus on changing lives by supplementing nutritional gaps caused influences in today’s world such as fast food, pharmaceuticals, pollution, stress, etcetera; Innutra is set to change the way the world views health and therefore creating an improved quality of life to millions of people. Using only the finest ingredients available, Innutra’s nutritional supplements combine ingredients that are natural, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free. One word you will never see on an Innutra package is “Artificial.” We combine scientifically validated ingredients in our specially formulated blends in order to benefit all bodies. Our formulas include adaptogens, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, proteins, and herbals that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. The entire Innutra product line has been formulated for homogeny. In other words, all products can be taken daily as directed. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Innutra.

Jim Ayres, Founder and CEO
A man on a mission. With several years experience in the natural products industry, Jim Ayres has become an authority on weight loss and weight management. His personal goal is to stop the obesity epidemic. His passion for healthy lifestyle permeates to all who are around him. His products and nutritional systems have helped thousands of people around the world; but, Jim’s goal is to improve the lives of hundreds of millions in order to change the world. Jim founded Innutra with a focus on people, not business. Innutra is Jim’s passion project to offer the best nutritional science available to people in need of a better and healthier lifestyle through products and systems that are attainable and sustainable. Jim regularly speaks publicly about healthy change and gives advice that can be easily applied to daily lives. He has traveled extensively in order to speak publicly and motivate individuals who are in need of change. From homes to auditoriums, Jim’s motivating messages have inspired tens of thousands. He will continue on his mission to help individuals around the world.

A message from the Founder
Today more than 2 out of 3 adult Americans are considered overweight and it’s getting worse. A recent report shows that by the year 2030 the obesity rate can top 42% of all American adults, and 11% will be 100 pounds or more overweight. Obesity is the #1 cause of avoidable dealth. Let me say that again… “avoidable death.” That means in most cases obesity is caused by the choices we make and the choices we do not make. This is astounding and disturbing. Something has to be done and that’s exactly why Innutra was formed. We are dedicated to educate, motivate, inspire, and guide individuals all around the world toward better health through proven products and systems that deliver results. In order to “spread the health,” we’ve developed an Affiliate Referral Network. This network are individuals who have had success on Innutra products and certified health professionals who share Innutra with others. Our Affiliate Referral Network grows every day and all in it have the ability to change a life. There is no better reward than changing a life. It’s going to take an army to stop obesity. The Innutra army of health advocates is ready for change.

Affiliate Referral Network
It is very important to understand that this is not an MLM. Innutra Affiliates share products and systems, not a “business opportunity” with others, and by doing so can earn a monthly commission. Sharing and earning is easy. There are several free social network tools including FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., that allow excellent opportunities to spread the word about Innutra. Becoming a product of the product is most important. Once you have your own product story, simply share your honest experience online and use the affiliate link that the company provides you once you sign up, and you will earn 25% of a the product value on all orders transacted through your affiliate site (not applicable to shipping and handling). There’s one other way to share and earn. You will also be provided with an invitation link to get others to share with you. Individuals that you invite to become an Innutra Affiliate will also be provided with a link that will earn them 25% of all sales through their site and you will earn a 10% royalty for sales through their sites! Just for sharing, you can earn. Kind of like referring a good movie to someone; but, in this case the theater would pay you! There are no annual fees, no sign up fees and no requirement other than being an Innutra product user. Click here to get IN and start changing lives.