Can persons under 18 years of age take Innutra products?

There may be a few of the products that can be used by a person under 18 years of age but consult a physician for approval first.

Is there an age limit for seniors for Innutra products?

If you see a doctor regularly just take him or her in the product ingredient list for approval.

Which products would I have to stay away from if I have high blood pressure? 

You probably would not want to take Fuel and take Burn to your physician for approval. Burn contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cola approx. 40mg and some other stimulants.

Are there any artificial sweeteners in Innutra products?

All of the Innutra products contain all natural ingredients and are classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA.

Does any of the Innutra products interact with medications?

It is always best to check with your physician before adding anything to your diet in case of an adverse reaction.

Does Innutra  products contain any dairy sources?

Yes the Sculpt protein contains whey isolate which is made from a byproduct of cheese. Whey isolate contains very little to no lactose. Whey isolate is so refined that the lactose and fat are extracted out giving you a very pure and highly absorbable protein source.

Are Innutra products non GMO (genetically modified organism )?

Innutra products do not contain any GMO ingredients they are pure. When something has been genetically modified the genes of the foods have been altered either by insertion, mutation or deletion.

Are Innutra products gluten free?

Yes every single product is gluten free and safe for people with celiac disease. Gluten is a protein complex that comes from grasses such as wheat, barley, rye that people with celiac disease have trouble digesting.

Will Innutra products cure my diabetes?

Innutra products are intended and formulated to improve quality of life and not as a cure for any disease.

How much weight can I expect to lose on the Innutra program?

How much you lose is entirely up to you but we will give you the tools to get it done. We tell you the products to take and what time to take them, diet program balanced out with calories you need for 3 main meals and 2 snacks and an exercise program. The other factors are gender, weight needed to lose and age. But you will lose weight!!!

Why do I feel a warm tingling feeling after taking Burn? 

Burn contains the B vitamin niacin which makes the blood vessels dilate (expand) on the surface of your skin and we call that a niacin flush. It usually occurs with 30mg or more but if you are niacin sensitive it could happen with 20mg like in Burn. Not to worry a niacin flush is totally harmless and is usually gone in 20 minutes.

Are we getting too much rhodiola rosea and green coffee bean extract from it being in both Burn and Fuel?

No you will be just fine. When we do our formulas what we look for are ingredients with at least 2 human clinical trials (not rats and mice) and that have more than one mechanism of action or multiple functions. So since all the ingredients work synergistically together we do not use the high end amounts of any of those studies. Plus when a study is conducted it is usually with just the one ingredient and not a formulation.

Burn contains about as much caffeine as your average soda of just under 40mg per serving. The caffeine comes from green coffee bean extract which also has studies for lowering BP.

Can I use Fuel if I have high blood pressure?

If you know you have high BP I would consult your doctor before using Fuel. Fuel does contain stimulants but also contains many adaptogens known to lower BP so ask your doctor first.

How does Burn work?

Burn has many mechanisms of action from appetite suppression to mood enhancement to fat burning. Just the green coffee bean extract alone does all 3 of these plus slows down the metabolism of carbohydrates so the can be burned as energy and not stored as fat. Your blood sugar or blood glucose levels will stay level for a longer period of time curbing hunger.

Why should I take Purify?

After a period of time there is some mucus build up in the colon from undigested meats and other types of foods that is said to build toxins which enter your blood stream. Taking Purify breaks up the toxins and they are excreted from your system in a natural bowel movement. Cleaning the colon will allow you to absorb your micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) helping you feel more energetic, better hair and skin, better thought process, increased metabolism, less bloating and many other benefits.

And Purify contains cascara sagranda which is said to be less addictive than its counterpart senna seed. Make sure you drink plenty of water with any colon cleanse product to prevent dehydration.

Can Sculpt be used by vegetarians or vegans?

There are many types of vegetarians but the most common is lacto-ovo which is about 75% of all vegetarians. Lacto-ovo vegetarians will eat and drink dairy products and eggs but will not eat the animals they come from. And true vegans will not eat or wear anything coming from an animal. Since Sculpt contains whey protein isolate which is a byproduct of cheese it is fine for a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Why isn’t Sculpt white or taste like the other vanilla protein powders?

What’s funny about our perception of taste is that we think that artificial flavors are the real taste of the things we eat. If you’ve ever had like a watermelon or grape candy and then tried an actual piece of watermelon or some grapes they don’t taste anything a like nor is the color the same. What color is a vanilla bean or the vanilla bean extract you use in baked goods? Brown not white!

Sculpt contains all natural flavors, sweeteners and natural color.

Can I add milk (including cow, almond, soy or rice) fruit or juice to Sculpt?

Of course you can but remember when you do this you are adding extra calories. Figure if you add skim milk you are going to be adding another 90-100 calories so you would have approx. 180-190 calories in your shake. Adding strawberries another 5 calories per berry and ½ of a banana is approx. another 70 calories. So if you do this you are making a meal replacement smoothie that can be used to replace a meal or snack. We will have recipes to assist you.

Why is using Nourish better than juicing?

Juicing is great and its also very expensive, messy and takes up a lot of room in your refrigerator. Nourish contains 29 different high quality vegetables, fruits and superfoods besides the added flavonoids and fiber. Juicing has no fiber that’s the mess you are throwing away. Suggested ORAC score for optimal health is 3000-5000 units per day and each serving of Nourish is approx. 4000 units.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity is a method of measuring antioxidant capacity of different foods. The higher the ORAC score the more efficiently it will neutralize the free radicals and prevent or slow down the aging process.

What’s the purpose of the time sustained release in Equip?

There are 2 types of vitamins fat soluble and water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are A,D,E,K and you can add the omega fatty acids to this list. These vitamins store in your fat cells and liver are in there for a while and released as needed. Water soluble vitamins (the rest of them) are in your system for as little as 20 minutes and up to like 2 hours then excreted in the urine thus the florescent color. With our sustained release of these vitamins you get the benefit of these vitamins all day long.