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JIm Ayres Innutra
Jim Ayres, Innutra Founder and Owner
Change is good! When I founded this company, it was with a vision to do something about the destructive path we as a society are on with regard to our health. Today, there are more fast-food restaurants, more chemicals on our crops, more disease, more obesity and more prescription drugs than ever before. And you know what?, unless we do something to make a CHANGE, it will only get worse. Innutra was founded to change the world. And, that vision has never changed. We’ve simply changed the way we are going to accomplish this.

When Innutra’s products were first introduced to the market, they were only available through network marketing (MLM). So in order to get Innutra products, one would need to sign up as an Associate (independent distributor) and qualify themselves by paying a membership fee and a minimum order quantity. Now, as an independent distributor of course there was compensation (commission) for sales made from each Associate. After more than a year I realized that most of our Associates were customers, not “business builders.” Most of our great customers have a lot on their plates already… jobs, families, busy lives. The time, money and effort to build a successful independent distributorship was costly and frankly, tough to sell to others. This created a barrier for some of those who just wanted the products to improve their health and fitness. Earlier in 2015, I executed a purchase agreement with my former partners to own and operate Innutra outright. They have given me great support in this relaunch. And now the barriers to get Innutra’s products are down. There is no annual membership fee, there is no minimum purchase required. All of our products and systems are available direct to you through our new and easy to navigate website www.innutra.com. For orders under $50, there is a minimal shipping fee. For orders over $50, shipping is FREE! Now that I can offer our life-changing products direct from the manufacturer, I was able to lower the prices significantly. In fact, most products are 40% off! This further eliminates the barrier to those who want our incredible products.

Innutra is back and better than ever before. Same great products. Same incredible results. NU Low prices. We will change the world. One life at a time.

Jim Ayres
Founder and Owner

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  1. Mary Ann Ellert-Nolan
    | Reply

    Hello Jim does innutra ship to Canada and are there extra charges etc. at the boarder. I love your product but I know there were issues At one time and it was difficult to get the product across the boarder. Myself and another lady would really like to by your product if it’s available to us in Canada. I am a return customer if it’s available.

    Thank you
    Mary Ann

  2. Patsy Zuck
    | Reply

    So glad the products are going to be available I love them and will be using them again. My cardiologist approved them for and this is going to give the chance to get back on track. THANKS SO MUCH.

  3. Kim Ristow
    | Reply

    This is fantastic news. I’m in!!! Glad the product is less expensive. That will help significantly!!

  4. Marlene Silva
    | Reply

    Love the Nourish, how much it will be?

  5. Charlotte Johnson
    | Reply

    Excited about my nourish!

  6. Lillian Darty
    | Reply

    I really did appreciate the outcome of my success on in Innutra it did get to be expensive but, I persevered! And I’m happy to see that I can go directly to your site and purchase the product again it did change my life and since I haven’t been able to afford to purchase the product things stop working nothing else I’ve tried works like in Innutra and I’m looking forward to any new products that can help me reach my goals sooner I look forward to purchasing your product again this is great.

  7. Robin M.
    | Reply

    I am thankful you are back! I’ve tried many weight loss programs, and Innutra was the only one that worked for me and naturally! This is great news!

  8. Sheryl
    | Reply

    Welcome back!!

  9. laurie
    | Reply

    I’m so excited! Loved the Sculpt. How do we order & is there a pkg plan? How much is it?

  10. Lucille Owens
    | Reply

    I’m so glad to see innutra back,I hated it when it was gone,so are innutra back for good this time

  11. Yolanda gonzalez
    | Reply

    Deseo que me explique bien sobre cada producto

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