Hidden Contributors To Obesity

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Here we go everybody, this is June 21st something like that. Anyway it’s the later part of June on Transformation Tuesday, every single Tuesday we’re getting on at 6 o’clock Pacific Standard Time, 9:00PM Eastern Time. I know that we have people on the line from all over the country so thank you so much for joining in, the purpose of this call is to change lives and to inform and to awaken people so that we realize what kind of challenges we are facing with our health as a society today, this is my soapbox call. This is the time where I can get up and talk about how important it is for us to wake up and for us to understand what’s going on all around us.

My name is Jim Ayres, I’ve been in the business, and by the business I mean the natural product industry helping people attain a healthy lifestyle through better choices, nutritional choices, exercise choices. Helping design lifestyle systems for people. That’s what I like to do, I like the one on one interaction and been so blessed to being able to be on with so many … Changed so many lives throughout the years. The single purpose of this Transformation Tuesday call is not to get you on any kind of business opportunity, sell any product to you, this is basically just to inspire you and inform you on your path to a healthier life.

With that said, my name is Jim Ayres, 20 years experience in the business helping people all over the world, many of you are on the phone tonight and I want to thank you for your time once again. Many do hear me speak over the years about many consistent things and that’s about consistency. I need you to do something for me and that’s not just listen to words but to take action in your life.

The goal of this call is to start a movement, what I want to do is I want to inspire people so we can work together to help everybody. My main mission in life on a professional standpoint is to stop the rise of the obesity epidemic, it is out of control. Right now we are on a serious situation in this country and we’re leading the trend worldwide. We’re led by marketing as a society, we listen to the messages out there, and those messages are, “Come to this restaurant, come to this place, get more food for less money,” and then when you bite into that food we have all these taste buds that are firing and we’re thinking about our taste and not our waist. Then we ultimately end up paying the price, we pay the price with poor health, we pay the price with not feeling good about ourselves.

There is not only a physiological tax that we’re paying by having too much fat on our body, there is also a mental tax that we’re paying with how we deal about ourselves and society even segregates people who are extremely obese. It’s terrible, it’s terrible what’s going on, it’s almost like, and I don’t mean this to sound in a terrible way but it’s almost like we’ve segregated another race and we’ve put a separate society out there and almost outcast sometimes, and it’s just a terrible thing.

We want to help people that feel lost, we want to help people that feel like this is the way it’s supposed to be, I’m destined to be obese, I’m destined to be overweight, you’re not, and you can do something about it and that’s the purpose of this call and that’s the mission of this life. Is to join people in an effort to help people. I want to help people help others attain a healthier lifestyle to having less body weight, get to an ideal body weight or close to it. Man, the lifestyle changes that will happen, and by lifestyle changes I’m not talking about jumping in a two piece bikini for some of you and showing up at the beach and people going, “Wow look at that perfect tan outside” the lifestyle changes, I’m talking about the little things.

The little things will add up, I was talking to somebody recently who has a lot of weight, she lost over 50 pounds nearly 60 pounds. She said, some things is very profound to me how, her life has changed now, she still has another 50 to go to her goal of 100 pounds of weight loss. She’s more than halfway there, and she’s doing it, she’s doing it through exercise, she’s doing it through proper meal planning, she is doing it through proper nutrition, she’s doing it and she feels great and her smile is from ear to ear. She’s completely changed from the first day she showed up on my orientation.

I had a room full of 30 people at this particular orientation and it was to get people on the transformation system, to change their life, to inspire them. I wanted them on an initial 12 week program, she did it, it took her a year to lose 60 pounds and she kept on that path. She’s going to classes, she’s wearing clothes that she hasn’t worn in a long time, those jeans she used to look at in the closet and think, man I’m never getting in those again. She’s wearing them and she can barely wear them because they are falling off already.

She told me one thing, here is one of those little things that’s impacted her life, she said, “I used to be a part of the group of people that had their shoes tied on the side of their shoe, and all the years I’ve been doing these, and all the lives I’ve been able to interact with, the people who are overweight and needing to lose additional weight. Of all those people and all that time, I never heard this.” I said, “What do you mean, people that tie their shoe to the side, I don’t understand.”

She said, “Finally I’m tying my shoe right in the middle.” She explained to me that she was so overweight she could not bend over and tie her shoes. She had to move her leg over on the side and tie it only on the side and she could barely reach her shoe laces, so the knot that she would make was on the side of her shoes, and I thought, “Oh my goodness, I’m happy for you now,” but it saddens me to know that their is people out there that are doing that. It’s little things like that, just those little efforts, little things that impact your life add up.

I was talking to somebody else who she couldn’t put on her own bra, she had to have help putting on her bra and then she lost weight and she could put on her own bra amazing, amazing how that impacts a life, that’s a daily thing, you have to do at least once a day and she doesn’t need help doing it anymore, amazing. Of course going up a flight of steps without feeling that extra sweat coming out and that extra breaths you have to take. It’s amazing what will happen if you take control of your life and don’t let marketing, don’t let big fast food, don’t let it control your life, don’t let taste buds control your life and don’t let these 3 advocates for obesity take over your life.

Here they are, these are 3 ingredients that our food supply chain that had many different faces, but categorically here they are, here’s the 3 main proponents to obesity, I’m talking about fast foods, I’m talking about prepared foods. I’m not talking about organic food that has some of these things naturally occurring in them, I’m talking about processed foods, number one, salt now sodium. Salt has many different faces, sodium benzoate is a preservative but artificial preservative, it’s pumped in a lot of meat, pumped in a lot of our ready to drink fruit juices if you will.

It’s a preservative that will not allow the product to spoil, so big food companies and big beverage companies will pump this stuff in there, and what it does in our system is not very good, so it pressures our heart. Couple things that too much sodium will do, it puts excess pressure on our heart, it raises blood pressure, it makes our heart work harder. It also retains water so it’s retaining water under our skin so that will put undue pressure on the muscle tissue on our organs, it will also stress our kidneys so we don’t want too much sodium.

Most people don’t even know how much sodium they should be taking in a day, and if you start reading labels out there, read labels. My rule of three knows, know what you’re eating, know how much, and know how often, know what you’re eating, turn the label around on everything especially if you have a packaged turkey, you go to the convenience store, in the refrigerator section there is a packaged turkey sandwich on whole wheat. You’re like, that sounds very healthy turn that around and see how much sodium is in there and keep in mind that the government does not recommend that you exceed 2,200 milligrams a day, I want you to write that down, if you have a pen and paper and if you’re on this call, this is the class.

I want you to take some education from this, I want you to take information, I want you to share this information with people you know need help. You’re not pushing a product on them, you’re not pushing an opportunity on them, you’re giving them information, you’re giving them awareness and if you’re uncomfortable doing that, then tell them to call in on this call. I will not sell anybody anything on this call except for inspiration and awareness and education.

We are not supposed to exceed 2,200 milligrams of sodium a day, 2,200 milligrams of sodium a day, write that down. Tomorrow if you haven’t been reading labels already I want you to start reading labels. Go out there and start reading labels especially on processed foods, packaged foods, anything that’s in a package, in California it is absolutely a requirement for calories to be posted but I want you to look at the nutrition facts and I want you to look at the sodium content.

Salt that’s number one, number two, this isn’t in any particular order by the way, this is a three persona, another one is fat. Fat has many faces as well, saturated, monounsaturated, we have a lot of hidden fats in foods, fat makes things feel good on your mouth there is something that food scientist that these guys are creating foods for big companies like General Mills and Pillsbury. What they’ll do is, they really scientifically look at the behavior and the pleasure reward sensors of the body, one of them is texture, one of that is mouth feel, so they get that mouth feel with some extra fats in there and you feel like, “Wow I’m really getting something rich I’m getting something that is pleasurable for me,” and it tests really good too.

You’ve got that salt which doesn’t taste too bad either and they got that mixture with that fatty feeling in the mouth and then you get jam packed with this thing called sugar. When I say that some ingredients and some food sources have hidden or multiple faces, sugar has over 50 different faces, there are so many hidden things in there, if you look at even protein bars, and I just had a conversation with a friend of mine today, I said, “There is hardly any healthy protein bars out there, at least very few honest protein bars out there,” because in the manufacturing process of protein bars, one thing that will hold all those ingredients together, its called glycerine.

Glycerine does not have to be listed on the … According to the FDA does not have to be listed on the label as a sugar, but guess what it turns to in your body, glucose, sucrose all of a sudden kick in, these are converted into sugar, blood sugar in your body. What converts to fat, body fat when unused faster than anything in the body, sugar, if you have excess sugar then you have the excess fat if you’re not using it.

Here is another little tip on sugar, when you’re exercising, there is anaerobic and there is aerobic exercise, an example of anaerobic exercise will be your muscle training, so strength training, resistance training, whether you’re using bands or weights, something that’s the short breath, not getting your heart rate up too high. Cardiovascular training will be more the aerobic training, get your heart rate up, you just sweat it out and you’re now conditioning your heart not so much just concentrated effort on your muscles, you now you’re controlling your heart.

Did you know the first 15 minutes of exercise whether it’s aerobic or anaerobic, the first 15 minutes I want you to think about you’re going in the gym and you’re working really hard, that first 15 minutes you’re not even doing anything about stored body fat. All you’re doing is burning up excess sugar in your system, the sugar your body does not need, you’re going to be spending that first 15 minutes whether it’s aerobic or anaerobic burning through sugar before you do work on your muscles, before you do work on that body fat.

I want you to keep in mind that’s how much sugar we have in our bodies through our diet right now. Matter of fact it’s estimated that the average adult American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. 22 teaspoons of sugar a day and that’s low for many people, that’s very low for many people believe it or not, but we’re getting in too much sugar and sometimes it’s not our fault. Sometimes we think we’re eating healthy and our food is loaded with three advocates, now, I’m going to give you a brand out there that I’m going to kind of forewarn you on.

This is something that sometimes you think, “Oh that’s healthy,” because I’ve heard a lot of good things about this, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the digestive benefits of yogurt, yogurt is fantastic and you know what? If you have the right kind of yogurt it is, but if you buy into marketing and you buy something called Yoplait, Yoplait is a prime example of this of too much sodium, too much fat, and too much sugar. Matter of fact, one serving of Yoplait has twice as much sugar as a serving of lucky charms, lucky charms for those of you who don’t know, that’s a toasted oat cereal that’s covered in sugar and then it’s loaded with a bunch of these all fun marshmallows.

A Yoplait which you may think, “Oh this is fantastic, I’m getting yogurt in my system my kids love it,” it’s basically a dessert, it’s got more sugar. It’s got about as much sugar as a size of cheese cake or any kind of cake out there. You’re not eating healthy, but we’re buying into marketing, we’re thinking healthy and then they came out with the Yoplait sales, for this is General Mills product, Yoplait sales top 500 million dollars within the first year. 500 million, it did so well then they started catering the same kind of product to kids, and they’re putting in this little slim stick, you don’t need a spoon anymore kids, you make it fun, you just rip it open and you just slurp down the yogurt out of this little tube called goghurt.

Same thing, loaded with sugar kids of course are going to love it and then they’re basically the human form of a humming bird, they love all that sugar, but too much sugar is going to cause too much body fat. It also causes a lot of stress on your pancreas, now your pancreas is your vital organ that’s responsible for creating insulin. Insulin is created when too much blood sugar comes into the system. Your body wants to defend itself, your body is such a fortress it’s so incredible, it just takes on a natural action that you’re not even aware of.

It wants to defend itself, it creates all these natural antibodies, it creates its antioxidants, it creates, puts your macro five cells as your body’s best defense cells on high alert when something enters your body that looks like a critter, like a virus or something and your cells start to go nuts and they try to defend it and sometimes they over come it and sometimes they can’t. In this case too much blood sugar causing your system and your pancreas to hoop, take them on, crank up the insulin here we go, let’s pump it out, bring that blood sugar back down because that’s what it does.

Your blood sugar can spike so quickly because it goes right in your system and if you don’t have that control then your pancreas comes in and creates insulin and it knocks it down. Now, the problem is sugar reacts really quickly in the body, it goes up quick comes down quick that why you get that sugar high, then you get the sugar crash. When that blood sugar comes in, insulin knocks it down really quick, drop of insulin doesn’t respond the same way but sugar does.

Insulin stays elevated for quite some time, then you get that crash and you’re like, “Oh man, I need a little lift, I’m going to get some more sugar in my system” boom blood sugar comes back up, pancreas says, high alert again, lets get more insulin out there, puts out more insulin, knocks it back down now you got two different levels of insulin coming, they’re slow to react, sugar comes in again. You see the repeated measure of this, can put so much cause on all of your vital organs including your pancreas, your kidneys and that’s how type II diabetes really comes into play.

Obesity, I’m going to say it probably not very politically correct, obesity is a killer that’s what it is. It’s the number one cause of avoidable death, avoidable death, avoidable means we are making choices to whether this condition exists or it doesn’t and when we’re making the choice, when we’re making, we can have a lack of awareness or we have a lack of respect for our bodies. We’re not respecting our body enough to think of what it is I want to fuel it with. I don’t care about the nutrition impact in my body, I care about how good that tastes.

“Yeah that yogurt over there is good for me, but men that’s sour and it tastes horrible, let’s throw some berries in there, go get some organic berries, you know how good that tastes, the contrast, the sweetness of a ripe blue berry with some raspberries, in with that tart yogurt, amazing.” Or you could just go over to this yogurt that already has quote fruit in it, or fruit flavor, it’s got hidden sugars, it’s got live sugars. Sure it’s got some good bacteria in there, it’s got some yogurt component to it, it has a yogurt base, but one is going to do good for you, the other is going to do harm.

It’s what you choose for your body, it’s how much you respect your own health. It what you’re doing to ensure your health that’s going to make an impact on your life for years to come. Now, that’s off, I want you to be aware of what it is you’re putting in your body, how much you’re respecting yourself by what it is you’re choosing to put in your body. Then you start to make all these small steps are getting bigger and bigger, you go one week and you lose a pound and you feel better, you feel more balance, and I’ll be frank with you, a lot of these ingredients, they’re addictive.

Sugars are addictive, it has a drug like response in your body, and you start to cut back on it, you might have a little withdrawal going on. You might have some headaches, you might not feel right for a couple days, you might go through a little detox. That’s okay, keep on going, do the right thing for your body, your body might be rejecting some stuff, it’s going to balance back around, you’re going to notice that energy level, it’s not depending on going up and down anymore, now you just got a nice even keel energy level, because you’re giving yourself nutritionally sound choices on a regular basis.

I’m not saying, when you go to that birthday party and there is a cake right there, you don’t partake and then you’re going to insult whoever made the cake, go ahead have a little bit, everything has to be reasonable. Everything has to be in proportion, so you have that every once in a while but you’re eating right most of the time as your body, your body, your health is made in the kitchen. I know we talked a lot about exercise last week but they say, Abs are made in the kitchen, it’s absolutely true.

What you’re doing on your caloric exchange is a direct impact on how much body fat you’re going to have. What you’re doing with your nutritional exchange, what you’re putting in your body and how usable that fuel is, will have a direct impact on your health, on your energy level, on your inflammatory response. As always from your blood pressure to your joint pain, everything have a direct impact on your immune system. How many colds you get a year, how many colds you don’t get a year, how your skin looks, how you feel, how your nails grow, how your hair grows. All of those things are going to be directly impact by the nutritional choices you’re making and the nutritional choices you’re not making.

I know we’re talking about caloric exchange, caloric values, I want you to be aware of how many calories you’re taking in a day. I want you to journal everything you’re eating, every single day, be accountable for yourself. If you’re on this call, you’re on this call because you either want to make a change for your own good or you really care about somebody and you’re worried about them. If I can just get a little bit information, just one little tidbit that I can give somebody and then maybe that can give them a tidbit every week or every day, and just help them.

No matter what it is, you’re on this call for, you either want to help yourself or other people or both, good you’re in the right place. Please share this with other people, I’m going to try to keep this call to about 20 minutes every week just so I don’t bombard people, it doesn’t become a chore but I want to inspire people to make a change. That’s what this is all about, it’s about making a change, and we have to inspire each other to do the same. All we got to do is wake up, wake up and look around us. Don’t be tunnel visioned and into looking at the buffet line, don’t be so widely acceptable that, you know what? Everybody says that it’s okay to be 40 pounds overweight now.

Being 40 pounds overweight is the 5 pounds underweight of the 1970’s, look health is heath and having too much body fat on your body is not healthy. It puts undue stress on your organs, it makes your body react in a way that it wasn’t meant to react and it takes away quality of life. It takes away, depending on how much fat you have on your body, if you’re obese, if you’re clinically obese, if you’re seriously overweight or you’re just overweight. You’re either getting winded too quick when you’re playing with the kids or you don’t have the energy to play with your kids when you get home, or there is no way you’re getting off the couch to help somebody or to play with the kids.

Or you do need help putting on your clothes or putting on your shoes, getting up the stairs, it’s just not an option. No matter where you’re at you can make a difference in your life, it’s not too late and it’s not too soon it’s right now. I’m going to give you a couple tips here is one tip, okay I already told you be aware, the 2 o’clock carb starts cut off time is so powerful everybody.

At 2 o’clock or 8 hours before bed time, give yourself a cut off time. After this time I’m going to really restrict the carbohydrates that I take in pastas, bread, don’t take that stuff in, complex carbs. I’m going to watch the simple carbs to the sugar, I’m going to watch all of that after 2 o’clock, the reason is your metabolism naturally starts to slow down as you get through your day so it’s not going to break those things down because it’s really firing up, early in a day, that hunter gatherer kind of mentality, the paleo thing. It’s true, like your metabolism starts to really rev up in the morning because it’s like you’re going to go out and you’re going to make things happen and naturally that’s what happens, and it starts to slow down a little bit later in the day.

Work with your body and give it what it needs. At night, night time is a restoring time it’s your rebuilding time, for your muscles especially and your bones. When you’re resting, when they say, hey I’m a kid and going through his teens right now and he’s going through this growth things and he grows a lot more when he sleeps a lot more and that’s definitely true, that’s your repair time, that’s your restoration time. As you go later in the day, give your body nutrients for restoration protein, you need protein in your system, lean protein.

When I talk about protein, you can do a powder, you can do meats like lean meat, white chicken, chicken breast, any kind of fish even those salmon high in fat, that’s fine, they’re good fats. Any kind of white fish, grill them, you can bake them, don’t deep fry them and totally just discount the whole purpose of this. When you cook them, cook them with the skins off. Because if you cook them with the skins on, all those fats go into the meat, I know it’s more juicy that way, but we’re eating for a purpose right now.

Give your body what it wants, those lean proteins, vegetables, grains are always good at night, if you have any doubt about whether a vegetable has high in a glycemic index, like carrots are very high, they have natural high concentration of sugar, that’s why they taste so sweet. Never go wrong with greens, you can steam them or eat them raw, so if you want to dress them with a little salt and pepper in there, it’s fine. Don’t be too afraid of salt by the way, Himalayan pink salt is phenomenal for the body and it works different than all those artificial sodiums, so don’t be too afraid of salt and believe me with the amount of sodium that’s in prepared food, packaged foods there is no way you’re going to be able to use a sea salt in the amounts that you would get to that sodium level.

You can have plenty of sea salt during the day and not hit that threshold of 2,200 milligrams of sodium a day. Anyway, that 2 o’clock carb starts cut off time that’s a big deal, do that for one week, just one week and watch what happens. You will be completely different, you’re going to have weight loss depending on where you’re at, you’re going to feel that weight loss and you’re going to feel completely different. The other thing is, when you think you’re drinking enough water I want you to drink more, try to get about a gallon in a day, while people will tell me, “Jim I can’t drink that much water because I’ll retain it,” no you won’t.

Water retention happens when you’re not drinking enough, and you’re getting in too much salt. If you get too much salt, and you’re not drinking enough water, the body is going to retain that water because it doesn’t want to let it go, so your urination is going to be less frequent, that means your detoxification effect is going to be less frequent and you’re going to have more impurities in your systems. Your kidneys aren’t going to be working the right way for you, so drink lots and lots of pure water throughout the day.

If you want to flavor your water, try flavor infusing some fresh fruits in there, even some mint fresh mint out in the garden and mint is not hard to grow, it’s like a weed put some spare mint or some mint out in the garden, cut up a lemon and a orange and throw a strawberry in there, let it infuse that water. You’re getting a few extra sugars in there but they’re natural fruit sugars and you’re going to love the taste of that. That’s the two tips or I guess three tips, lots of water, be aware of what you’re eating, everybody read labels this week and 2 o’clock carb starts cut off time try for 7 days. Inspire other people everybody, this is a movement, that’s the only way this is going to even make a little kind of impact on the obesity epidemic.

It is going out of control, I want you to talk to as many people and inspire them as you can and you can tell them I want to share this information with you and when they say okay, “This is one of those network marketing things,” you can proudly say, “It is a network marketing thing but it’s not a multilevel marketing company.” The network is society, the network is sharing information so we could stop obesity, we cannot let this stuff control us. When I say this stuff I’m talking about marketing, and these prepackaged foods, processed foods, these things are fueling the obesity epidemic.

Let’s wake and let’s share the awareness everybody, thank you so much we’re on this mission together, this is going to be a crusade so everybody thank you, have a great night and I’ll talk to you next Tuesday, same time, same number. Invite many people on, thank you so much.

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