NU U Transformation Challenge

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For those who are up for a challenge to transform your health, Innutra is launching the 60-Day NU U Transformation Challenge. You can enroll any time in the month of January. You will need to be an active INNfluencer (on auto ship) and submit your before photos to by January 31st 2019. We would like you to submit full body front view, side view and rear view photos along with a description of your transformation goals! Your goals may be weight loss, muscle gain, mobility… whatever your health goals may be, all entries will be considered. There is no fee to join and there will be a winner for both male and female as follows:

1st Place $500 cash and $500 credit toward Innutra Products!

2nd Place $200 cash and $200 credit toward Innutra Products!

3rd Place $100 cash and $100 credit toward Innutra Products!

Winners will be selected by April 1st 2016. For your before photos, please be sure to wear clothing that reveals the areas you wish to improve.

This challenge will not only motivate you to #bethechange, you will also inspire many others to #bethechange!

Yours in health,

Jim Ayres

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  1. Mandy Munoz
    | Reply

    I’m excited to change my life and be the best ME that I can be!!! I want to know what it will feel like NOT GIVING UP!

  2. Dee Taylor
    | Reply

    I have been taking Innutra for almost a month now, I have lost a total of 11lbs so far, ostly tummy. I heard about it from the comedian Melissa from Baddazz & Melissa that has lost a lot of weight herself. So I contacted Roz, a representative that Melissa mentioned on youtube and order the product. I look and feel so good with my weight loss that my husband started taking it and have also lost some of his tummy, from the one order. I believe we will try one more order to get where we need to be and keep going from there on our own. The people that have bad reviews are the ones who are not taking the product correctly and are eating everything in sight but expect to loose. No product will help you if that’s the mind set you will have. Thanks Innutra. You have one happy customer here.

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