Innutra has helped thousands transform their lives through our wellness products and systems and now, we want to change the world with INNfluencers just like you!   Our product innovation is now matched by our business innovation with the most generous, simple and fair compensation plan in the industry.  The opportunity is limitless.  You can build a home-based business while helping people.  Our products and systems are proven to work!  All you have to do is share with others and you will earn.  At Innutra, there is no balancing, no “power legs” and no qualifications.  There is also no sign up fees or annual fees.  Just a generous uni-level compensation plan that pays on every referred sale up to 9 levels, with an infinity point system.

INNfluencer Points (“IP”)
Just like dad used to say, use the ‘KISS method’ – Keep It Simple Stu—, that’s exactly what we do at Innutra.  Keep it simple.  With our reward point system you will not see PV, GV, PVV, GVV, or other confusing point values.  We have simplified our point system to simply IP, INNfluencer Points.  These count for all sales whether from your INNfluencer team, your customers, and your purchases!  INNfluencer points help you earn rank, bonuses, and INNcentive Trips!
Bonuses, bonuses!

Innutra’s compensation plan also rewards you when you hit milestones.  There are several rank advance bonuses, fast start bonus, and a structural bonus called “3 Squared Bonus” that pays for each level that maintains a 3×3 structure of Active INNfluencers*.  Level 1 (U and 3 Level 1 Active INNfluencers) pays $50 and as the levels continue to build, you can even earn $1,000,000 bonus on Level 12!  Now that’s a bonus!

INNcentive Trips!
From Temecula, CA (Innutra’s hometown) to South Africa, Innutra INNfluencers have the opportunity to see the world while helping thousands change their lives for the better.  Innutra wants to reward its valued INNfluencers with lifestyle trips like none before!  And when you arrive at your INNcentive destination, you will be able to relax and enjoy the reward.  There will be no training sessions and no meeting requirements.  Just relaxation, exploration or whatever your heart desires.


Download the comp plan here: INNUTRA COMP PLAN