Dr. Sandra Cox
Dr. Cox is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with the American Board of Psychiatrists and Neurologists. Through 20 years of practice, she has helped many people to overcome their worst enemy…themselves. We are so pleased to have Dr. Sandra Cox, M.D. as one of the valued members of Innutra’s dream team of experts. Learn more about Dr. Cox at www.drsandracox.com.


Chef Kelly Kingman
They say “abs start in the kitchen,” and it’s true. You are what you eat so we want to make sure you have the proper guidance. Chef Kelly not only prepares delicious meals; but, she has always been an advocate of better health. With a minimalist approach on calories, and maximum on flavor, Chef Kelly’s recipes are sure to please the pallet and the waistline. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get some of Chef Kelly’s favorite recipes!


Markie Williams
Dedicated fitness trainer and lives the Innutra life. In addition to her time in the gym and on stage, Markie is an advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence. She is lobbying at WA state legislation and working with disadvantaged women at the Seattle YWCA. To read more about Markie visit www.markiewilliams.com. Also make sure to follow Markie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Jen Ayres
A 20 year veteran in the health and wellness industry, Jen’s passion to help people change their lives for the better through health and fitness is shown in every facet of her life. Jen is an ACE certified trainer, Certified Weight Management Counselor, and CFO (Chief Fitness Officer) for Innutra.