Jason Cooks Inspirational 270 Pound Transformation!

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Jim Ayres: Hello everybody. This is Jim Ayres, CEO and founder of Innutra Innovative Nutrition, and that’s exactly what we do in the company. We innovate nutritional science and put them in convenient packages for people to implement them into their lives so we can change lives forever. I’m so blessed to have been able to be a part of so many different life changes out there. Thousands of people have used the Innutra products and some of my advice and motivation to be able to change their lives.

We happen to have one special person on the phone, one such person who has done just an absolute unbelievable, unbelievable transformation both physically and emotionally in his life. It’s impacted the way he lives now. It’s impacted the way his family lives. It’s impacted the way that his daughter is able to interact with him. This guy is just such a big teddy bear … He’s a lot less of the big teddy bear now from when I first met him, but just an amazing man, super kind guy, and just somebody you want to talk to and get connected with. Without further ado, I’d like to bring Mr. Jason Cook from West Virginia on the phone. Jason, thanks man.

Jason Cook: Hey Jim, how you doing today? Appreciate you having me on.

Jim Ayres: It’s my pleasure. Thank you for taking the time out. Everybody, this call is just to hear about a transformation story. Hopefully what you hear today is going to help inspire you to take steps in your own life. If you’re listening in on this and you want to do something about your life and transform your health, hopefully you can get a start with us right here at Innutra and are inspired by Mr. Jason Cook. Jason, let’s go back to … As far back as you want to go in your life with struggles with your weight. Why don’t you just tell me a little bit about where it started with you, the struggle, and then how you felt at that time?

Jason Cook: Basically, Jim, just like I put my story there that I recently shared with you, there’s so much to go through. I started off … I’ve always been the bigger kid growing up, I guess you would say the fat kid. I always had issues with my weight growing up. Luckily I never was really bullied or anything like that like a lot of kids and a lot of people go through today. I never really dealt with that because I was outgoing. I had a good close circle of friends, amazing family that was always behind me through everything, but I did struggle with my weight. Like most people I know, they used humor and laughter and stuff, joking about themselves and their weight and stuff just to sort of throw that out there first before someone else tossed it towards them. That’s what I would do a lot of times.

Jason Cook: Growing up, I was always heavy. I’m really not sure of any type of timeline with my weight specific, but I do remember going through the latter part of junior high school, middle school, and weighing in the upper two hundred pounds. When I was in high school … I can remember in my senior year of high school I was three hundred and eighty pounds as a senior. I was involved in sports and I was stealing bases at three hundred and eight pounds playing high school baseball. I was more fit and muscular, but I was still heavy, still obese, dealing with morbid obesity. Like I said, I carried it a lot different being younger. As most people know, once you start getting older things start going south and going in different directions and stuff, but for the most part I dealt with being morbidly obese my whole life.

I’ve had to go through that, and it’s played a major toll on me, looking back on it. I was happy, don’t get me wrong. I had an amazing childhood growing up. I’ve lived a great life, great parents, great family, but I never realized that I wasn’t really living life and enjoying life the way I possibly could be and my weight held me back because of that. Even in my [crosstalk 00:04:29] I mainly didn’t have a meaningful relationship as far as dating or anything until after I was out of high school because I didn’t have any type of self-confidence. Then sometimes younger girls can be a little cruel and I don’t know if I really posed to be very attractive and catch the eye of the girls back in the day, so it was late after high school before I even had any type of relationship with girls or anything. It played a major toll on me growing up, it really did.

Jim Ayres: It’s difficult to even think about, you going through that part of your life. I’m sure it played a major toll. Let’s fast forward a little bit to … Take us to the heaviest you’ve ever been, what it felt like to be that, I mean the things you couldn’t do at that weight.

Jason Cook: The heaviest I’ve ever been, that was when I first started the process that I was going to have weight loss surgery. The highest was five hundred and ninety-two pounds, was the highest I ever got. It was right after the year … It was probably about 2012, because I had … Back in 2000 I had started working here at the 911 Center. I had had a pretty bad car accident in which I just about lost my left arm and I couldn’t do anything for about eight months. I would exercise and stuff up until then. I would lift weights. Once I started working here at the 911 Center … That’s a very sedentary job. Anybody that has a job like this, I mean it’s crazy hours, working night shift, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen hours. As a supervisor right now I even work twenty-four hour shifts out here supervising at our 911 Center.

It’s a very sedentary job and fast food becomes basically your best friend, because where our Center sits, you’ve got Chinese to the right, McDonald’s in front of you, Wendy’s to the left, pizza places behind you. I mean you’re just surrounded by-

Jim Ayres: Surrounded, you’re surrounded.

Jason Cook: Surrounded. Yeah. It is everywhere, trust me. Here at the 911 Center we joke that we’ve got all the fast food and restaurants, we’ve got them on speed dial out here on our CAD with the 911 Center. I mean it’s bad but true. When I got my heaviest was right after I started working here, several years after, because I never got a chance to get any exercise or anything. I’d come in here and I’d sit and work those long hours, eat fast food two, sometimes three times a shift, and then go home and go straight to sleep on it and get up and do I all over again. That’s was when I was at my biggest, was at five hundred and ninety-two pounds.

Jim Ayres: Did you have that moment in your life when it was like okay, I have to do something, this is it, just the ah-ha moment, I’m going to do it? Did that happen to you?

Jason Cook: Yes. It got so bad for me, I mean I got to where, I mean I was very, very depressed. At times I wouldn’t leave the house. I would want to go home. I wouldn’t want to do anything but just sit around, lay around. I missed one thing in particular that still weighs on my mind. I’ve got two very good friends that I work with, they were getting married and they were having their wedding in like a theater type setting that’s here in Logan. I missed their wedding just because I was … I had never been in there and wasn’t sure I was able to sit in the seats there at the wedding. I was afraid that if I would go in and stand up someone would say there’s plenty of room to go over here and sit down, yadda-yadda-yadda, and then having to on in there and try to squeeze into a seat.

By that time I was married to my wife, Amber, and things were great with us but the weight issue was taking a toll on our relationship as well. We were trying to get pregnant. Once I got with her, she had put a lot of weight on herself. A lot of my habits and stuff had sort of rubbed off on her as far as eating really late, cramming pasta, spaghetti, all this stuff late at night. I would do the cooking and she would get home from work and we would just basically … We wouldn’t eat a lot during the day, but we would save that last huge meal for late at night and then go to bed with all of that in our stomachs, all those carbs and starches and sugars and everything. We’d go straight to bed after eating those huge dinners and it really started taking a toll on us.

We were trying to have a baby. We weren’t successful with that. Like I said, she would want to go out and do things and I would want to stay at home. I would hurt in my back, my legs, my groin, everywhere, from just walking short distances and I was completely miserable. Couldn’t go out to the theaters because couldn’t fit into the seats at theaters. I wouldn’t tie my shoes even, something as small as that. I would leave my shoes unlaced and just slide them on and off. Couldn’t take different trips, fly on airplanes. I’d have to buy two seats. It’s all things that people that haven’t really dealt with weight issues they don’t really think about. You go to friends’ picnics or something like that, you’re standing up the whole time. You don’t want to go because you have to stand up because you’re not able to fit in those little plastic yard chairs that people buy, lawn chairs and stuff like that.

You’d rather just stay home because you sort of feel as though you get in the way after so long, like you’re in people’s way, so you think it’s best just to stay away. It’s really tough. It’s really an emotional thing that people will go through that have to deal with obesity.

Jim Ayres:  I’ll tell you what man, my life’s passion is to help people live again, no matter what it is, no matter what portion of their life that I can do my part and help. That’s what gets me out of bed every day. That’s what gets me driving and that’s what I want to be a part of. The credit goes to you, Jason. You really took advice, you took products, you stuck with the dedication, and it takes time … It takes time to put on the weight and you were there pretty much your whole life, but then you did it. You took action and you said you know what? I’m hearing about some products, I’m hearing about some crazy guy out in California who’s putting these thing together and I think I’m going to take some advice.

Why don’t you take us through our journey together. I’ve been very blessed to have met you and your beautiful wife, Amber. I’ve got to get out there and see that beautiful little princess of yours. I’ve got to meet her and hold her, so we will do that. Everybody listening in, if you’re in the West

Virginia … If you’re in Jason’s area, I’m coming out there and we’re going to do a little seminar and possibly even a next day workout, a low impact workout, so we’ll put that together. I want to talk to you a little bit about when you pulled the trigger and you said all right, I’m going to listen to this advice and lets do it.

Jason Cook:  Yeah. Jim, after years of just being completely miserable with myself, I was smiling on the outside but inside I was hurting really, really bad. Looking back on it, I didn’t realize how bad I actually was hurting. For several years I even slept in a recliner because my legs gave me problems, my back gave me problems. I was dealing with sleep apnea. I was never diagnosed with it, but I would come to work … I would have to call in and ask my boss can I please take some Motrin and lay down for a couple more hours? I’ve got a busting headache. Looking back on it now that I’ve researched this stuff a lot, I was dealing with sleep apnea and didn’t even know it.

After just years of dealing with this, I finally was able to step up and decided to take control of it for a change, and that’s when I talked to a friend of mine that was taking the products. Like anybody, you’re going to be skeptical at first, but I done some research, spoke with some people that were also taking the products, and I decided to give it a shot. Man, just in such a short amount of time I started seeing results, and when you see results that quick there’s just something about that that gets you motivated and you want more. Then once you go out and you start getting these compliments that you’re not used to getting from people, friends, family, coworkers, people you hadn’t seen in years that are able to tell a noticeable difference just in a few weeks’ time, that means so much and gets you even more motivated to keep going and going and going and pounding it out.

Just in a short time, just in like a couple weeks’ time it was twenty pounds here, thirty pounds here, and before I know it, even before the first time I even got to meet you face-to-face, I had lost probably almost seventy pounds, almost eighty pounds just in a short time. Then all in all, there in my first time of being on the products and supplements, I had got up to at one point … I had lost almost a hundred and seventy pounds from supplements alone. I cancelled my weight loss surgery and continued on with the product.

I at one point lost a hundred and seventy pounds, but that’s when I fell victim to life. I decided hey, let’s “take a break” through the holidays, and my break started consisting of three, four, five months and I sort of fell off the wagon, as most would say. Even through all that, like I said in my story, you still checked in with me, “J, how you doing?” “I haven’t heard from you J. Where you at?” “How are things going?” That’s one thing, you sticking with me too … That was one thing I could always keep in my mind and fall back onto. Hey, I’ve got someone here to help me. I’ve got someone here to help me.

Like I said, even though I fell off the wagon and I gained … Probably in another year and a half to two years or so I probably gained about a hundred and thirty to a hundred and forty pounds of that back once I came off the products, but that’s when we found out the princess was on her way, princess Aria, my little buddy, my little nineteen month old sweetheart and my world right there. That’s when I found out Amber was pregnant with her. Finally we were able to get pregnant. Once she was on the way, I knew that once and for all I had to get more dedicated and motivated than ever before and that’s when I reached out to you again, “Jim, this is what I have going on. I’m going to try for surgery again, but I need help. The surgeon is telling me that I’ve got to lose X amount of weight, get my BMI down. I’ve got a short time to do it. My baby girl is on the way and I’ve got to do something quick.”

That was my main thing. I wanted to be a better husband and a better father. Looking ahead, I didn’t want to be the father that was sitting there, not able to do things with his daughter, and at my weight I wasn’t able to. If she looked at me and were at an amusement park and she said, “Daddy, I want to ride this roller coaster. Ride this roller coaster with me,” or “Ride this ride with me,” I didn’t want to be sitting there and say, “Sweetie, daddy can’t fit on that roller coaster,” or “Daddy can’t fit on that ride. I’m sorry,” and then have to sit and watch someone else do things that I should be doing with her. That’s when things really, really came to where I knew that I needed to do something. I knew that … I’m sorry.

Jim Ayres: I love you buddy. You’re doing great.

Jason Cook: I knew that I needed to be a better father. With me doing what I was doing and living the unhealthy life that I was and where I was at, I probably wouldn’t have been around much longer. I didn’t want to [inaudible 00:17:13] on anything with her. I didn’t want to be sitting off to the side, hurting or out of breath or tired, while she ran and played, and not able to get up and do that stuff with her. I wanted to be a dad that she would be proud of and not embarrassed or ashamed of. That was when we kicked things into full gear. Where we’re at now, I took the supplements, I did go through with weight loss surgery July 23rd of last year, but once I contacted you it was March 4th of that year, and that’s when I started the products and started your plan and everything and was just going through everything you were telling me to do. Just from March 4th till July 23rd I had lost ninety pounds just in that short amount of time pre-surgery.

I still went through with surgery, and with surgery and continuing to take the product, because anybody that knows, anybody that’s had any type of bariatric surgery, the rest of your life you’re living on protein shakes, vitamins, supplements and stuff like that, so that’s things you have to have. I’ve continued to stay on those products as well, and since my surgery I’ve lost right at a hundred and eight pounds, so that’s looking at basically two hundred and seventy pounds I’ve lost since March 4th of last year, and all in all about three hundred and twelve pounds total since my highest weight, my highest weight of five ninety-two. I’ve lost three hundred and twelve pounds total since my highest weight. Right at about two … Like I said, two seventy, almost two eighty just since I started March 4th of last year with the products and then later on in the year with my surgery and taking products after the surgery.

Jim Ayres: Wow. Congratulations Jason. I can guarantee you something. That little princess, Aria, is very proud of her daddy, as is my whole community around you. You’re just an inspiration. It wasn’t overnight. The weight loss was pretty rapid both on the program that I gave you and the supplements you were taking, and then with the surgery and post-surgery. The failure rate with bariatric surgery is so high after the surgery unfortunately. People put weight back on, so you’ve got to be in the right mindset. You have to be prepared physically and mentally for this and you did it. I’m proud of you.

Jason Cook: To go with what you’re saying, the failure rate … That was one thing too. The second time around, back when some of the insurance things changed there when Obama care was implicated, our insurance here, it no longer covered bariatric surgery, whereas I was approved for it once before, but it no longer covered bariatric surgery that second time around. That’s what they said, because the failure rate and everything was so high and everything with that surgery, because people didn’t stay with their supplements and didn’t follow up. The surgery is not a fix all. It’s just the tool that you have to use. That’s when the failure rate and everything came into play, was people not taking their supplements, they’re not following the plans and don’t know what they’re supposed to do.

That was one thing, I ended up having to pay for my surgery, but I felt as though, looking back on it who’s to say I would have made it another year if insurance would have approved it? It was my time and God’s time and my time for me to have all that stuff done. Like I said, I apologize for getting a little emotional there. When it comes to my little girl, I’m a softee when it comes to her for sure.

Jim Ayres: You don’t have to apologize one bit. Are you kidding me? It not only tells me and everybody that not only is your journey genuine, but you are. That’s real life and that’s what people want to hear and connect with. Jason, talking about real life, there’s so many people out there unfortunately that just feel lost, whether they’re just overweight by sixty or fifty pounds or something like that and they just feel like that’s just the way it’s going to be, this is my body, this is my physique, or if they’re morbidly obese like you were at one point, they feel lost and they just feel stuck and feel like I don’t know where to start. Mentally, physically, diet, what do I do? You’ve done it and you’re doing it.

Why don’t you just give a little word of advice to anybody out there that feels like I’m listening to this guy right now. His results are amazing, but I’m not going to be able to do that. What bit of advice would you give somebody to get them going?

Jason Cook: All I can tell you is I was once in your shoes. I didn’t think there was anything that could be done. I thought that was the life that was laid out for me and I thought that was the life I had to live, but you don’t. There is help out there. Jim is here to help. I’m here to help. Innutra is there to help. There’s so much more to life than what you’re living right now if you’re dealing with weight issues, health issues. I thought I was living life back then, but I wasn’t I was just … Pretty much just had it on cruise control and was just driving on through. Now I’m actually able to enjoy life and I love life. Things are so much better now. There’s so much more I can do that I wasn’t able to do even back when I was in high school. That’s what’s crazy about it. I’m smaller now than what I was in high school.

I’m still carrying weight a little differently because I don’t have as much muscle tone and stuff as I did in high school, and I do need to get out there and exercise more, but just with my job and taking care of my daughter and stuff I’ve got to start trying to find time for me, but I will. That’s one thing I know that I need to work on and I’m going to work on it. Don’t think that just because you’re stuck where you’re at … If your obese or have health issues and stuff, don’t think that’s what’s thrown out there and the life that you have to lead, because I’m living proof that if anybody can do it … If I can do it, anybody can do it.

That’s a saying a lot of people use, but that’s the truth. I was to the point where I couldn’t hardly walk at times, but I forced myself to get up. You’ve just got to take that first step. After so long … You know it’s tough at first. I’ve talked to my brother about it and some other family and friends and stuff. They’re like, “Man, it’s so tough. I hurt,” this and that. I did too. Those first few days it was like … It was hell. It was. I mean you had to get up and push yourself. You hurt. You sweat. You cried. You had to overcome the mental part, was the toughest thing to overcome for me. You can do it. You’ve just got to take that first step, and it gets easier. It gets easier and easier and easier.

Just like having to deal with all liquid diet and doing this and that and just protein shakes, and people think they can’t tolerate protein shakes. I didn’t think I could either at first, but now I help gulping down two or three protein shakes a day and eating healthy, eating clean. I love that because I implemented that into my life and after just a couple weeks’ time it becomes part of your routine. That’s what it is. You can’t look at things as a diet. That’s where I always messed up. I would diet and in two or three weeks’ time of diet … After the diet was over I would gain probably more weight back than what I lost to begin with. It’s all about a lifestyle change. You’ve got to change the way you live. That’s the main thing. You’ve got to change the way you live.

Jim Ayres: No doubt about it, good habits make good health. Jason, I want to thank you for your time today man.

Jason Cook:Yes, it does.

Jim Ayres: You are just … You’re like a brother from another mother to me and I’m so glad that our relationship has been close even though we’re on opposite sides of the country. Like I said, I am going to get out there to see you and Amber and Aria out in West Virginia. My wife, Jen, is going to come with me. We’re going to plan this out. I want at least twenty people in a room and you’re going to hear about products, life stories, and there’s also a very exciting opportunity with Innutra. We are not a network marketing company. I’m sorry, we are a network marketing company like every company is. Every company is built around a network.

We’re not a multilevel marketing company. It’s not a MLM type of scheme. As a matter of fact, we have a rev share program where anybody can make money by sharing the Innutra story. You don’t even have to be taking the products, to be frank with you. You can go online, you can register to become an Innutra affiliate, and there’s an easy way to do that with Jason. Reach out to Jason Cook. You can find more information about him at innutra.com/jasoncook. We built a little landing page with his entire life story on there. It’s a long read, but it’s well worth it.

Reach out to Jason on Facebook as well. You can go ahead and send him a private message. Just look up Jason Cook in West Virginia and you’ll see some great transformation pictures from Jason, but mostly what you’re going to see are pictures of his little princess, Aria, on there. She is just a doll. Reach out to Jason and Amber and let them invite you in. If you’re interested in starting on Innutra products, go through Jason. He’ll send you a little letter that’ll give you a discount code and twenty-five percent off your first order just by reaching out to him. Private message him, get in touch with him. If you want to be just like him, transform your body and earn a little extra income on the rev share program, reach out to Jason.

Thank you buddy. I appreciate you so much and I look forward to seeing you again.

Jason Cook:  Thanks again  bro.
Jim Ayres: You got it man. All right, take care buddy.
Jason Cook: All right. Have a good one Jim. Thank you for everything.

Jim Ayres:  My pleasure buddy. Thank you.

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