How Lucy Vargas achieved her 140 POUND Weight Loss!!

Jim Ayres: Hello everybody. Thank you for joining me on this very special interview with a very special person. Today we’re going to be interviewing Lucy Vargas, who’s lost a tremendous amount of weight on Innutra. Joining her is Marlon Cajigas [inaudible 00:00:15]. Lucy is … She’s done an amazing job with her weight loss transformation, and we’re hoping that this interview will inspire you, or maybe even inspire you to help others as well. Marlon is here to help translate. Lucy’s first language, her primary language is Spanish, and since I’m not very good at Español, Marlon is here to help.

I want to welcome both of you to this interview call, and I want to thank you for your time on here. Hi Marlon. Hi Lucy.

Marlon Cajigas: Hi. Thank you.

Lucy Vargas: Hello.

Jim: Hello Lucy.

Lucy: How you doing?

Jim: Lucy let’s talk about you for a little bit. You know, the way you were before with your weight, you were overweight and your lifestyle was compromised. There’s still a lot of people out there that just kind of feel like they don’t know what they’re going to be doing, but they’re going through that life too. There’s a lot of things that you were feeling before your weight loss that people out there are feeling. Tell me what it was like before you lost this weight. Tell me a little bit about your loss.

Lucy:  First of all I want to say hi and thank the Lord for having me this night, to talk to the people about a little bit of my life. My life was really depressed, and I was really ill. I had to use a mere machine. I have high blood pressure and also, I had a lot of barriers to go to my appointments. I was really overweight, and I used to walk with a cane.

Jim: Wow. I mean those are some pretty big things, and they just kind of became a part of your normal life. Walking with a cane and using a breathing machine, and of course all the risks that are associated with high blood pressure, and having high blood pressure for an extended period of time. This is kind of life changing for you, not just the weight loss, but it sounds like your life has improved. What were your biggest challenges in your daily life, before your weight loss? What was like the one thing that was really holding you back?

Lucy: Well, first of all, I was trying to go through day by day because I was juggling how I was going to do in my life. I was going to get what I wanted. It was like feeling sorry for myself. At one time I just stood up and said that I needed to do something about it. I was struggling, but now I changed my whole attitude to begin.
That’s wonderful. I love that. Before Innutra, had you tried to lose weight? If so, what did you try before?
So many diets. One of them was low calories, proteins. I even starved myself once in a while because I was trying to do it on my own, right?

Lucy: It took all kinds of diets, and none of them worked at me.

Jim:Wow. How did you hear about Innutra?

Lucy: First of all, I have to thank this person that I’m going to just say his name, Marlon Cajigas. I know him since ever, since kids. He was putting some ads on Facebook, and when I decided to do something on my life, I read all about it and I was amazed what it could do, and what it did on his life. I just wanted to begin myself, and letting myself something good, so I started to try this.

Jim:Wow. That’s great. Marlon is definitely such an asset for our company. He uses the products himself. Marlon, you’ve lost some weight on Innutra as well. How much weight have you lost in Innutra?

Marlon: In Innutra, in my first 90 days I lost 65 pounds.

Jim: Wow. I mean that’s amazing. You’re a big guy. You’re a tall guy. That’s amazing. I mean, 65 pounds is great. Marlon was inspired to talk to you Lucy and that’s what Innutra is all about. It’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s not a multilevel marketing company. This is people who share the Innutra products and Innutra systems to help people. Then once people are helped, then they can do the same thing. Part of Innutra, just so everybody knows out there on the phone that, we do compensate for this sharing process. If you share Innutra products with other people and they go to your referrals site which is completely free, it’s 100% free, then you get a share of that revenue.
Now, if someone brings you in, or if you bring other people in, there’s also a share with that. If you’re on this call tonight, and you were invited by Lucy or Marlon, and you’re listening to this interview, please make sure to connect with them so that you can get involved in helping other people too. All right Lucy, so back to the questions here, which of the Innutra products have you used?

Lucy: Well, I have used Ultra Kit. I’ve said that I wanted to be aggressive since the start, since the beginning of my loss in weight. I’ve started with Ultra Kit. That is everything that comes under diet plan.

Jim: Fantastic. So you went all in. That’s great. When did you first see results using Innutra?

Lucy: I have to say really the first week. The third day I was seeing that I was losing inches, and at the process of the week, I lost 20 pounds the first week.

Jim: Wow. 20 pounds in the first week?

Lucy: Yes.

Jim: Girl, that’s amazing. That’s so great. Did you do the Quick 7?

Lucy: Yes I did.

Jim: Okay. 7 day meal plan everybody. Eating five times a day in the Quick 7. Lucy here lost 20 pounds in just 7 days, now you’re talking about a phenomenal start. Now, those results aren’t typical, but she was true to the meal plan, she was true to the product, as you heard she took the Ultra Kit which has everything in it. It’s the consistency and dedication that will get you those results. Amazing. Just amazing. Lucy, do you have a favorite product in the line?

Lucy:  No. I think that all of them are awesome, and really I can say that I will use all of them because they’re great.

Jim:  Wow. I love that. Love that Lucy. You look great. I have to ask you though … I’m sorry. Now that you have your after, and you got your weight loss, how much weight did you loose, and what amount of time did it take you to get to where you’re at?

Lucy: Well, I’m right now in 207, and I started 347 in September the 12th. It’s already a year, so I’m still in my process because I still want to keep on working. I want to keep on doing what I have to do, to look good, to feel good and have a good health.

Jim: That’s awesome. Help me with the math. How many pounds is that in one year?

Lucy:140 pounds.

Jim:  140 pounds. 140 pounds, that is absolutely incredible. When I started playing football as a freshman in high school, I weighed 140 pounds. That’s just insane. I congratulate you on just an amazing accomplishment, and I know you’re on that path, keep going. What is goal? How many more pounds? What’s going to be your comfort zone? Where do you want to be?

Lucy: Well, at least I want to get to 160 or 175. Like I said I have to keep on doing what I have to do, to feel good and be healthy and I feel great. Really energetic.
Wow. I can tell. Your confidence level, and just your energy has changed so much since I first talked to you. I remember talking to you a year ago and you were very down, and your energy now is just through the roof. I’m so happy for you. Tell me about your exercise. What are you doing now that you weren’t able to do then?
Well, I’m walking with no cane. That’s the main happiness. I do walking two or three times a week. At my house I have this electrical bicycle that I do two hours a day.

Jim:  I know you like that bicycle.

Lucy: Yes. I do the bicycle and the [inaudible 00:10:28] also once.

Jim:  Yes. Very good. Bicycle, yeah.

Lucy: I feel really happy because I could do this exercise and more, that I couldn’t do, and I feel free out of all of that, that I used to have that I couldn’t use.

Jim:  Right. You kind of felt trapped in that old body, and now this new body you’re on a bicycle two hours a day. It might sound like a lot of work to somebody, but I’m sure there’s so many people out there that felt trapped as well, and they would love to be on a bicycle two hours a day, and would love to be able to get there. Of course you didn’t start your first day doing two hours a day on the bicycle but amazing …

Lucy: No. No.

Jim:  Amazing Lucy, and that’s great. Now that you’ve lost this weight, is anybody, like family and friends … Is there any stories about people coming up to you and saying, “Oh Lucy, look at you.” Anything like that?

Lucy: Yes. Yes. My family, my friends, and other people that used to see me, and they used to look at me with this face that, “Oh she can’t walk.” Some of them used to say, “You’re not going to make it,” and now they see me and the say, “Wow, I want to know what is that you did, and what is that you used.” I feel good. I feel happy and I did it on my own.

Jim:  At it girl. That’s amazing. You can inspire thousands and not tens, hundreds of thousands of people out there, because there’s so many people in need. Now that you’ve lost this weight, you’ve transformed your life now. Not just your body but you’re not using a cane, and you’re able to have fun with family and friends. You’re energetic and you’re moving around. You know, for those people that are lost out there, and they just think, “Nothing’s going to help me,” what advice would you give somebody out there that doesn’t know where to go?

Lucy: Well I’d advice them that I know that it’s difficult for them to think that there’s something that is going to help them get out where they are at, in that depression. Probably they think that they can’t do it, that it’s difficult how she did it, I have to say that if they give themselves a chance, and they try this product, that is really natural and it won’t hurt you in any ways of medication. You could drink it at any time and do whatever you want to do after you achieve and have these goals. Little by little you will get whatever you will want to go. I did it, you could do it too.

Jim: Oh my gosh. Lucy that is just absolutely amazing and I want to thank you so much for your time. Marlon thank you for your time tonight. I do want to close with this, no matter where you’re at with your health goals, this company is about healthy balance. It’s not just about looking great in a bikini. This is the life changing event. Like what you heard from Lucy tonight, getting that cane, putting it in the closet and never having to use it again. Getting your blood pressure in check. Getting a healthy balance. There’s nothing you can put, there’s no price you can put on better health for yourself. That is the number one way to improve the quality of life. It’s not the big fancy house or big fancy car, it’s how you feel and how you can impact other people.

Innutra is a global change company. We realize that there’s a global problem with obesity. It’s an epidemic proportion because of our enemies, which are big fast food, and big pharma. We as a company, and as a society, and as a group of people, we want to put a stop to that. We need an army. We are recruiting every single minute of every single day, our affiliate army. If you’re interested in getting in, contact Marlon, contact Lucy, and just get in this company and find out how you can change not only your life, but you can impact thousands of lives for the better out there. Lucy and Marlon, thank you both so much, not just for being on this call tonight, but for sharing in this vision and being a huge part of changing this world. Thank you both so much.

Lucy: Thank you and have a good night.

Jim: Thanks Lucy.

Marlon: Thank you Jim. Thank you Lucy.

Jim: Thank you Marlon. All right. Bye guys.

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